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Aaron O'Bryan

"As a stylist I wanted to create something special and unique, products I could stand behind and be proud of."


"Im Loving the volume! Finally something that really works. Im very grateful for being able to get this. Its volumizing, a little goes a long way and I can smell the musky tones. My hair is more manageable and my curl is staying. Thank you. This is going to be my new shampoo"

Dale Beverley

I tried the volumizing shampoo and conditioner and loved them! I have fine hair but a lot of it and find it tricky getting products to suit. I usually try to steer clear of volume shampoos because they tend to dry out my hair and scalp but AOB products gave me the volume and texture I was looking for while keeping my hair silky smooth and shiny. My favorite thing about these products is the AMAZING smell, if I could by a perfume with the same scent I would be in heaven! You only need a small amount of this product so the package lasts a very long time! 5 stars! Can’t wait to try the rest of the range!

Rachel Brooks

AOB products deserve all the stars in the world. My hair drinks up hydrating products so the Hydrate & Repair shampoo and conditioner is my go-to. I have thick, dry, curly hair that likes to be unruly so when I use cheap hair products I have to use TONS of it at a time where as all I need is a dollar amount of AOB. This means I'm going through less product, and I'm saving money in the long run. Looks cute in my shower, hanging on the tiles of my shower and happy to say it's animal-cruelty free and 50% plant based, so I have peace of mind knowing my products aren't just good for me — they're good for the environment!