How To Stop Hair Breakage

The stress of watching each strand of hair snap makes you skip a heart beat but do not worry my friends I have the first aid box for hair breakage on hand to help. Hair Breakage can be a very stressful scenario and send your mind into a whirlwind. There are many reasons your hair can break and I am here to share a few tips and tricks to help avoid this devastating dilemma.
Turn Down The Heat
Hot tools can be a god send but in some cases the devil. When using these fantastic contraptions make sure you spritz your lovely locks with a heat protector to help extend the life of your strands. I recommend the Osis Flatliner form Schwarzkopf, it can be used on dry hair before using your hot tools. You can also use any of the Fabulous AOB Leave In Conditioners on wet hair to help save your locks.
Make sure to test the temperature of your hot tools on your hair. Start from the lowest setting working your way up slowly to the perfect styling heat. There is no need for excess heat on your hair as this can create more harm to your beautiful mane.
Hair Elastic Drama
Sometimes our luscious locks get in the way and we have to put it up in an elastic but then you notice your hair is starting to break. There are many contributing factors to this but do not worry I am here to share a few tips to help divert you from this hair disaster.
If your not a professional dancer or out with the girls trying to look like your sexy self there is no need to have a snatched ponytail. Pulling your hair too tight can cause stress on the hair resulting in hair breakage or even Tension Alopecia.
Use soft scrunchies or bobbles to tie your hair loosely as this stops your hair snapping at the base of your ponytail. Also give your hair some downtime and let it out once in a while to give your scalp a well deserved lunch break.
Hair Cuts Are Key
Split ends can be a burden and make your hair look damaged and dry. Skipping haircuts can play a key role in developing split ends. When we leave our frayed ends to their own devises they creep up our hair creating havoc and more damage. A simple visit to your hair salon for a minimal dusting or trim can breath new life into your strands and give the appearance of more voluminous mid-lengths and ends.
Over Processing
Hair Colour, Perms, Relaxers and many other technical services can make you look like a queen but when overdone or applied incorrectly can make your hair look like straw. Make sure to space out these services for at least 10 weeks to give your hair a chance to recuperate.
When picking your technical stylist make sure to check their reviews and go for an in dept consultation to make sure they know exactly what they are doing. Apply a mask that reconstructs the bonds in your hair like Olaplex once a week. This will ensure that your hair is strong before and after these services.
Dry Hair
Dry hair is one of the overall reasons for damage and breakage. It’s caused by a many factors, including dry weather, heat, extreme cold and humidity. Use warm Water not steaming hot water when you wash your hair as this can leave your hair feeling parched and dry.
If you have dry ends concentrate on your roots only when shampooing and make sure to use your AOB Hydrate Conditioner to nourish those ends . If your hair is extremely dry you can also leave your AOB Conditioner in your hair to add more nourishment. Consider letting your hair dry naturally when you can to avoid hot tools to give your hair a relaxing vaycay.
I've Tried Everything And My Hair Is Still Dry?
Not all hair problems can be a quick fix and can be caused by deeper rooted problems. If you have tried everything in the book make sure to always contact your doctor to ensure there is no underlying health problems. Hopefully I have given you some much need information to give your hair the boost and love it might need, until next time.

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